Gary Brunner
Athletic Director at Pontiac Township High School
Pontiac, Illinois

"Pontiac Township High School's athletic program saw a significant difference in performance because of the speed and agility training Coats Performance provided. Kendrique of Coats Performance is someone you would want your son or daughter training with."

Cameron Dawson
Illinois State University Track and Field
Bloomington, Illinois

"Coats Performance gives a lot of useful tips about speed work, and works with a variety of athletes who compete in a variety of different sports which is awesome. With just 10 minutes of work I was already seeing significant results in my sprints with faster times!"

Speed training in Bloomington, Illinois

Andres Sanchez
Bloomington, Illinois
ISU Instructor/ Running Enthusiast

"I came to Kendrique in August 2019 hoping to change my running form after years of constant shin splints. Within 8 sessions and 2.5 months later, my running form has completely changed and I feel stronger and am running pain free. My two-mile time dropped over two minutes, and I can run 5 miles easy now, compared to when I could barely run a half mile without pain. Kendrique was super knowledgeable and paid attention to the small details of my form to help me improve. Best investment ever."

speed training bloomington illinois
Clay Marshall 
Sherman, Texas 
Southeastern Oklahoma State Football

"Really helped me on my technique and other things when it comes to speed and I saw great results. Really works on the little things high school coaches don’t teach you."

Speed training in Bloomington, Illinois
Michael Hones
Illinois Wesleyan University Track Athlete
Bloomington, Illinois

"Even with my own track coaches and trainers, I still contact Kendrique during my off season to improve as an athlete. He focuses on a lot of aspects of sprinting that a lot of coaches don't focus on."

Speed and agility training in bloomington, Illinois

Tish Harpavat
Track & Field Athlete
Frisco, Texas

"The unorthodox methods of coaching improved my times and helped me reduce injury. I would highly recommend this to any athlete trying to get better at their sport."

speed and agility in Bloomington, Illinois
Richard Cuthill 
Vancouver, BC Canada 
Masters Track Athlete

"I was so impressed, I had my daughter join me in a few sessions so she could also benefit from Kendrique's coaching. Call Coats Performance, he can help you become not just a better sprinter, but overall athlete."

speed and agility in Bloomington, Illinois