Success Stories

Ford Gismond
Independence High School (Frisco)
100m & 200m IHS record holder

Here are two clips of Ford working on his block starts. Clip one was before coming to Coats Performance for training, which his focus was on knee drive and triple extension.

Clip two is him working with Coats Performance. In this clip, the focus wasn't knee drive or triple extension. After learning a different method of sprint training, Ford is now more efficient with his block starts.

Tristina Einhaus
Pontiac Township High School (Illinois)
Multiple sport athlete & 3x state 200m and 400m track qualifier

"Looking back on where my daughter was and the knowledge gained since putting our trust in Coats Performance is remarkable. Kendrique is a person of unbelievable knowledge. Whatever sport you're persuing, Coats Performance will ensure that you are supplied with every tool possible for you to reach your goals. Kendrique will give 100% of himself and beyond to help in your success. Each conversation I had with him, I learned so much about how properly training the athlete has so much more to it than work and time put in. It also has so much to do with who believes in you and how much you believe in yourself. Kendrique not only taught my daughter proper sprint training techniques, but believed in her and instilled a belief in herself that she could do it and love it while working hard to accomplish her goals. I will be forever grateful for the inspiration given by Kendrique. My daughter is a better athlete, but more importantly, a better person because of Coats Performance." - Tina E. (Mother).

Tristina Einhaus
Tristina Einhaus
Ben Schuler
Multiple sport athlete & baseball standout
Pontiac, Illinois

"Our son Ben has worked with Kendrique for the past 2 basketball seasons. His training has greatly improved Ben's game and speed. He is very hands on and fits his training to the specific individual athlete. Ben really enjoyed working with him. We would highly recommend Coats Performance to anyone who is seeking to improve their athletic and sprint performance." - Blanca Saucedo Schuler (Mother)

Ben Schuler
Ben Schuler
Mohamed Elgouhari
Murphy Middle School Track Athlete
Murphy, Texas

"My time training with Coach Kendrique was great. I learned things I'd never known before and could see instant improvement! He kept it fun and I always looked forward to it. Would definitely recommend to any athlete looking to increase their sprinting." - Mohamed

Brooke Fenton
A wife and special education teacher
Pontiac, Illinois

"Kendrique has worked with me for nearly a year. He took the time to understand the goals I had for myself. He designed workouts that matched my ability level and would adjust them as my abilities increased. Each workout was tailored to my needs. Kendrique has been a constant source of guidance, encouragement, motivation, and support on my journey to getting fit and losing weight. He celebrated the victories with me along the way and helped me work though the struggles when they occurred. Thank you to Kendrique and Coats Performance for working with and believing in me. This would not have been possible without you!"

Brooke Fenton
Brooke Fenton
Gary Brunner
Athletic Director at Pontiac Township High School
Pontiac, Illinois

"Pontiac Township High School's athletic program saw a significant different in performance because of Coats Performance. Kendrique of Coats Performance is someone you would want your son or daughter training with."- Gary Brunner, Athletic Directior

Cobi & Noah Parra
Multiple Sport High School Athletes
Pontiac, Illinois

"Kendrique has done an amazing job with both my boys! From football, basketball and track he has helped them improve their skills from sprint training to ball handling. In addition Kendrique sets an example and is a mentor to all the kids he works with. He has made a difference in my boys by increasing their skills to mentally building confidence! Well done Kendrique!" - Kim M. (Mother).

Multiple sport athlete Cobi Parra
Cobi Parra
Noah Parra
Noah Parra
Jack Zhang
Maus Middle School
Frisco, Texas

"Thanks for Kendrique Coats’ hard work! My son likes him very much and he is very patient with helping my son learn how to improve his sprinting technique. We think that he is an excellent coach!" - (Mother)

Screenshot 2018-01-07 10.48.11
Michael Hones
Illinois Wesleyan University Track Athlete
Bloomington, Illinois

"Even with my own track coaches and trainers, I still contact Kendrique during my off season to improve as an athlete. He focuses on a lot of aspects of sprinting that a lot of coaches don't focus on."

Blase Gaona
middle school track and field
Decature, Texas

My son recently started sprint training with Kendrique at Coats Performance. The sessions are always positive, informative, and motivating! Kendrique is approachable and genuinely interested in getting to know each athlete. We would recommend him to any athlete. So glad to be training with him!"- V. Gaona (mother)

Screenshot 2018-01-09 09.25.30