Speed Trainig Bloomington, Illinois

Speed Training Programs

1 on 1 Speed Training

Speed training is a must for all athletes regardless of sport. How do you train for it? With Coats Performance we place a heavy emphasis on technique and take a practical approach for what is realistic to the specific athlete.  Moreover, our speed training experts customize training programs  that  give the athlete the greatest athletic potential for growth and to compete at the highest level.

Small Group Speed Training

Small group training is a great way for athletes to prepare for an upcoming season. Through the Coats Performance small group speed training program, we add competitive speed competitions that mimic competitive situations.  This type of training is essential for athletes looking to increase the intensity of their training while also increasing their speed.


In this program, one of our well-skilled speed training coaches will be training two athletes per session.


**Minimum of 3 athletes per group and a maximum of 6 athletes per group.

Team Speed Training

If you are a team of athletes wanting to enhance your speed and athleticism, Coats Performance is your premier speed training professional in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois.  What makes us different?  We specialize in speed development, which means our primary service focus is developing speed for athletes.


Our experienced and knowledgeable speed coaches are ready to assist your team in being known for speed and athleticism.


Is your organization wanting to compete at a highest level?  Contact Coats Performance to learn more about how we can help your team improve their speed.  It's no secret that the most successful teams have athletes who have elite level speed and who can move well.