Soccer Speed and Agility Training

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The importance of Sprint Training in Soccer

Soccer is a growing sport amongst many youth athletes, which makes it more important for soccer athletes to learn the foundation of sprinting and changing directions quickly.  During the course of a soccer game, a soccer athlete will be forced to not only change directions quickly, but also, to display their speed when defending, making a quick move, or reacting to their opponent.

When youth soccer athletes come to Coats Performance for speed training, we place a significant emphasis on speed mechanics and game-like movements.  We often say that youth soccer athletes get an adequate amount of soccer skills training, but often lack the ability to move efficiently when it comes to sprinting and controlling their body.

Why is this important?  Many ankle and knee injuries take place during a soccer competition when an athlete is placed in awkward positions.  If a youth soccer athlete has not practiced or been exposed to these positions, it may increase their likelihood of injury.  Moreover, the conditioning demands of a soccer athlete during their competition is high because of the various energy systems that are used.  Youth soccer athletes that have improper speed mechanics will often suffer from nagging foot, knee, and lower back discomfort.  This approach is why having a fundamental foundation of learning speed mechanics and various movements for youth soccer athletes is critical for the overall development of an athlete.

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Training Overview

Soccer Speed Training


We work on forming your athlete's core speed mechanics to provide a platform for progressional improvement.

Agility Training

We work on forming your athlete's core speed mechanics to provide a platform for individual improvement.

Soccer Speed Training

We work on optimizing your athlete's athletic ability and acceleration.

Endurance Training

We work on optimizing your athlete's in-game recovery strategies.