Track and Field Speed Training

Sprinting and Field Events We Work WIth

All Sprinting Events:






-Block Starts

-Race Strategy

Field Events:

-Long Jump

-Triple Jump

** Field event athletes wanting to improve their speed:

-Pole Vault

-High Jump

Why Improving Speed is Important

There are many approaches when it comes to increasing speed for track and field athletes. One common theme athletes believe in is that it takes several months to see improvements in their speed. In some cases, this may happen, but with Coats Performance, we think that an athlete shouldn't have to wait months before they begin seeing results. Our training is unique. Have you wondered why all track and field athletes are coached the same on their running mechanics? We have the same question, which is why we cater our concepts to the athlete.


Not every athlete will benefit from a one-size-fits-all teaching approach, and quite often, this can be a hindrance to an athlete's overall track and field success.


We work with track and field athletes on the importance of starting blocks, how to use various arm movements to increase their acceleration, and how their breathing can significantly impact their acceleration.


Moreover, our speed training approach is simple; we train to sprint fast. Far too often youth track and field athletes are given plans that do not increase their speed, but rather, their conditioning. Have you ever had your young athlete suffering from nagging track and field injuries every year? We often see these injuries come up because the amount of running those young athletes have to do. Speed is the name of the game. We train for speed and always keep the quality repetitions high.


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