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Performance Training

Strength and Conditioning

Our tailored strength and conditioning programs are for those athletes of all sports looking to take their game to the next level.  With the increase of sports specialization at the youth development age, it is important for athletes to build a strong base that will allow them to grow from.  In addition, strength training is a great way to decrease the likelihood of injury. 
*Currently this service is only available for teams*

Sprint Training

Skills Development

Speed development is a must for all athletes regardless of sport.  How do you train for it?  With Coats Performance we place a heavy emphasis on technical aspects of developing speed.  Many think speed is trained through using special equipment or toys, not realizing that the true development comes through a true understanding of sprinting mechanics.  Moreover, video analysis is a tool we utilize to educate our athlete's on various concepts we may be learning during a given session.

Multiple sport athlete Cobi Parra

Whether you play basketball, football, or want to stay in shape; we take a thorough approach in educating people on how certain movements help their overall health and performance.  Listed below is a short list of examples on sports and skills training many of the Coats Performance athletes go through:

BasketballStrength, agility, jumping, speed

Football- Speed, strength, agility, eye hand cordination

Volleyball- Speed, agility, jumping mechanics, reaction time

Baseball- Strength, speed, balance, mobility

Track & Field- Running mechanics, speed, strength, starting blocks

For all other sports, personal, or skill training; please contact us for more information.

Phone: 217-766-2308


Our Reviews

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Amy Lewallen

April 23, 2018

Both of my sons really enjoyed working with Kendrique. He’s friendly, professional and really tries to work on the specific needs of his clients. My boys learned a lot from him and came away with more confidence.

Amy L.


Team and Small Group Training

Team training provides large groups the necessary training when it comes to speed, strength, and agility. Contact Coats Performance for more Information

Small group training is a great way to prepare for you upcoming season.  Through the Coats Performance group training, we add competitive speed and agility competitions that mimic game like situations.  Additionally, this type of training is essential for athletes looking to compete during training and take their game to the next level.

Individual Training Plans

Subscribe to our monthly ELITE package!

3 sessions per week

 $55 /session

* Billed Monthly


1 free consultation session

per individual athlete
45 minutes
  • Free Consultation

1 speed or skills session

per individual session
60 minutes
  • Introduction to Sprinting Mechanics (all sports)

  • Basic Assessment

  • Introductory Training

4 speed or skills sessions

per session
60 minutes
  • Advanced Sprinting Mechanics (all sports)

  • Advanced Sprint Development and jumping

  • Video Analysis

8 speed or skills session

per session
60 minutes
  • Advanced Sprinting Mechanics (all sports)

  • Video Analysis

  • Advanced Sprint Development and jumping

  • Race Strategy

  • Introductory to Block Starts

12 speed or skills session

per session
60 minutes
  • Advanced Sprinting Mechanics (all sports)

  • Video Analysis 

  • Advanced Sprint Development and jumping

  • Advanced Race Strategies and Techniques

  • Advanced Block Starts

** Family discounts available

**Travel fee not included in price listed, if coming to your location.