Football Speed and Agility Training

Football Speed Training McLean County

The importance of Sprint Training for Football

Speed is the name of the game for youth football athletes. As the game of football continues to get bigger, faster, and stronger, youth athletes must understand that speed is what separates many football athletes when it comes to sports performance. The idea of staying in the weight room all summer may make you stronger, but is it making you faster? With Coats Performance, we don't believe so. When football players speed train with Coats Performance, we educate them on how to develop their sports performance speed in the most practical way.  Many athletes believe developing speed is about being fatigued during training, repeat one hundred yard sprints, or running long distances slowly.  There is some benefit, but speed must be developed by sprinting and not jogging. Additionally, sports performance injuries become a problem an athlete's running mechanics begin to suffer due to fatigue.

This training is often why many football athletes fall short of their sports performance goals, or, their weaknesses are exposed as they compete against top athletes.  Have you ever witnessed a gifted football athlete that had all the skills, but lacked speed?  Have you ever seen a youth football team outperformed because they weren't able to keep up with the opposing team?  If so, we feel your pain, and we want to help.  Don't let your youth football athlete suffer from not having the speed to be a standout athlete. In the Pontiac, Bloomington, or Champaign areas?  Contact Coats Performance and let us assist your youth football athlete by developing their speed and agility so they can compete with some of the best in Central, Illinois.

Training Overview

Football Speed Training


We work on forming your athlete's core speed mechanics to provide a platform for progressional improvement.

Agility Training

We work on forming your athlete's core speed mechanics to provide a platform for individual improvement.

Football Speed Training

We work on optimizing your athlete's Acceleration, Agility, and footwork techniques. 

Endurance Training

We work on optimizing your athlete's in-game recovery techniques.