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Let’s face it; after a while our coaching techniques get stale

We’ve all spent hours trying to improve our training approach, the drills we use, and the ways we keep athletes motivated throughout the year. I’ve been there – spending hours learning only to make tiny improvements for my athletes.

Hi! I'm Kendrique Coats

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Kendrique, owner and Head Speed Development trainer here at Coats Performance.  I’ve primary work with sprint athletes and also the performance, sprint, and jump coach for the Flying Dragons pole vaulting club in Normal, Illinois.


I’ve met many coaches over the years who have completely immersed themselves in the world of track and field, and I have always done my best to learn as much as I could from each of them.


Three years ago, I received a message from a coach that would forever change my approach to track and field training.


Have you ever connected with a coach that gave you one small piece of information that changed the way you coached and the results your athletes got? That’s what happened to me.


A coach messaged me on social media, and that one simple message changed everything for me. That coach was Adarian Barr.

Who is Adarian Barr?

Adarian Barr, MS, USATF II | Inventor | Sports Performance Consultant | Movement Expert
Adarian Barr, MS, USATF II | Inventor | Sports Performance Consultant | Movement Expert

Adarian Barr is a track coach and inventor based out of Woodland, California. His collegiate track and field coaching stops have included UW-Superior, Indiana State, UNC Pembroke, Yuba City Community College.


He has invented 9 devices from footwear to sleds to exercise devices. Adarian is a USATF Level II coach in the sprints, jumps, hurdles and relays. He has a master’s degree in Physical Education.


Adarian's concepts have attracted some of the top sports performance and track coaches from around the world.  His ability to break down complex human movement concepts has given him the respect and credibility throughout the sports community.

Joel Smith, MS, CSCS | Cal Berkeley Asst. Performance Director
Joel Smith, MS, CSCS | Cal Berkeley Asst. Performance Director

"3 years ago I met Adarian Barr at a track in south San Francisco and my outlook on human movement has been forever changed.  At the time I had written a chapter on sprint biomechanics in a large book project I was working on and after 2 years with Adarian, had entirely re-written it.  At first I was a little skeptical of some of Adarian's ideas, but as soon as I started seeing the results that his methods brought about, I was sold (hence the rewriting of the chapter).  At age 34 I ran a lifetime best in the 10m fly, something at the beginning of my time with Adarian I thought was impossible. I have an entirely new lens on human movement now, layers deeper than 5 years ago.  It's hard to imagine my life now as a coach without having met him. I'd highly recommend his methods and insight to anyone looking to improve their service to athletes.”

Piotr Maruszewski | Team Poland T & F Coach | Poznan, Polska
Piotr Maruszewski | Team Poland T & F Coach | Poznan, Polska

"Some say a picture is worth a thousand words.
I say a result is worth a thousand theories...


I‘m a Team Poland 100m Hurdles coach and I’ve been collaborating with Coach Barr for about two years now. I truly believe the better coach you become, the better coach you need... for yourself. A person, that never lets you stop questioning things and blindly rely on the status quo. I have found one for myself. Coach Barr was an important element of my journey towards IAAF World Championships 2019 in Doha, where my athlete finished in top 10 overall, while not being able to qualify two years earlier.


I wholeheartedly recommend Adarian’s Clinic to any track or athletic development coach."

Mike Kozak, CSCS | Owner of Soar Fitness
Mike Kozak, CSCS | Owner of Soar Fitness

“I have attended many conferences over the years and many times I have walked away feeling like I have spent money to listen to a lot of smart guys give powerpoint presentations. I learned some things, but nothing that really changed how I coach. I can say with 100% certainty that my time with Adarian is the most beneficial thing I have done in 16 years of coaching.”

Coach Barr has significantly helped me with my coaching career. It wasn’t all that long ago that I started thinking about stepping away from the sports performance world because I had grown bored with it. I’d had enough of the same old coaching and results, and I was frustrated by the talented athletes I had that were injured early in the season, or would walk away with a minute improvement over the year before.

I can personally say I felt like giving up – but Adarian Barr revived my career.  Since meeting Coach Barr, my coaching and my athletes' have drastically improved.

Adarian is coming to Coats Performance on Feb 1 – 2nd, 2020

How will Adarian’s Clinic be Different?

You likely see hundreds of clinics advertised each year – so how will this one be any different?


Adarian’s clinic is a 100% active-learning clinic. This means there will be no sitting in a silent classroom/auditorium taking notes, no almost sliding out of your chair from boredom, no putting your notes away somewhere never to be looked at again.  I’ve been there – and I’ve walked away with very little to show for it.


This clinic is different. Over two days, Coach Barr will share his concepts and guide all attendees actively through what he’s coaching – meaning coaches will feel and see the difference in the concepts taught. It’s the way we coach our own athletes so they retain more information, so why don’t we use the same approach and techniques ourselves?


That’s what this is – there’s no sitting on the sidelines, no waiting for the Q&A portion of a presentation to ask a question, this is a two-day clinic where you’ll actively participate and learn the information for good.

What will be covered?

Adarian will be covering a wide range of topics pertaining to the success he’s had with his track and field athletes, such as:

  • How to adjust an athlete’s approach to a jump for more consistency
  • The best ways to avoid ankle, knee, and hip injuries for jumpers and sprinters
  • Easy and fast ways to make effective “in-competition” adjustments
  • How to properly manage energy levels to drastically improve the phases of a sprint
  • How to understand shin angle changes and how they correlate with height, speed, and distance
  • And much more!

What's the Itenerary

DAY 1 (8:00a – 12:00pm) – Day one will cover the foundation of all Coach Barr’s concepts. He’ll dive deep into athleticism, how bodies are designed to move and how we can use that to improve athletic jump potential, speed, and how to easily assess how a specific athlete jumps and sprints best. Coach Barr will give you the set up you'll need for day 2 and answer any questions that may come up.

DAY 2 (8:00am – 1:00pm) – Day 2 is all about taking action. Coach Barr will guide all attendees through the events that have been presented. We will also actively be taking you through how to:

  • Accurately set up an athlete’s steps for consistent jumps and sprints
  • How to increase the distance and height of jumps
  • How to set up the body for optimal performance
  • How to minimize the chance for the most common injuries jumpers face
    … and more!

8:00-9:00a- Block Starts

9:00-10:00a- Hurdles

10:00-11:00a- High Jump

11:00a-12:00p- Long Jump

12:00-1:00p- Triple Jump


Bring all your questions and queries – they’ll all be answered in full detail. Coach Barr will tie everything together from day 1 to prepare you for the season ahead.  We want you to leave feeling inspired and ready to implement the changes you’ve learned to seriously improve your athletes' performance.


This Clinic IS for You if…

  • You want your athletes to have the very best coaching
  • You’re open to expanding your knowledge
  • You’re passionate about track and field
  • You feel discouraged by the results your athletes are achieving
  • If you feel stagnate with coaching athletes


This Clinic ISN’T for You if…

  • You’re happy getting lackluster results
  • You’re more of a supervisor than a coach
  • You’re not open to new ways of coaching
  • You’ve lost your passion for track and field and don’t want it back

What's the Investment

This clinic will be packed with information you won’t get anywhere else – and as you read above, Adarian Barr brought my career back to life.


That gift was priceless to me – and all the other coaches who’ve had the opportunity to work with him have too seen incredible results.


Now you can, too.


The two-day clinic with Coach Barr is $449, and for that you’ll get eleven hours of some of the most useful, easily understood, and freshest concepts that will take you from a mediocre track and field coach to one every athlete wants to work with.  Coaches who only want to sign up for individual events have that opportunity as well.  Follow the sign up link more information.


For coaches who want to only attend individual sessions:

8:00-9:00a- Block Starts- $120

9:00-10:00a- Hurdles- $120

10:00-11:00a- High Jump- $120

11:00a-12:00p - Long Jump- $120

12:00-1:00p - Triple Jump- $120

*These times are for Sunday Feb 2nd.


This clinic will be incredibly valuable – Coach Barr has positively impacted my coaching, and he will change and impact yours, too.


Let me ask you this:

  • How many seminars and clinics have you spent hundreds on only to learn the same information you’ve heard over and over again for years?
  • How much money have you spent on certifications you don’t even use?
  • How much have you spent on training equipment to improve your athlete’s performance, only to see little or no results?
  • How many years have you coached only to deal with the same injuries year after year?


I flew out to work with Coach Barr for a weekend, and it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent in my coaching career.

More from athletes and coaches who have worked with Coach Barr…

Ronnie Ward | Physical Therapist, Track Coach | Ireland
Ronnie Ward | Physical Therapist, Track Coach | Ireland

"Adarian has been my sprinting and movement mentor for over 2 years. He is continually looking ahead towards finding out how to become faster and more prolific in human movement. His passion and desire to share and learn from each other is shown on a daily basis with his teaching and mentorship. I value Adarian as a coach and a good friend."

Randy Peterson | Sports Performance Trainer | Naperville, IL
Randy Peterson | Sports Performance Trainer | Naperville, IL

"Coach Barr’s understanding and coaching eye for human movement are unique to any other resource I have ever found. Before meeting and working with him, I would always refer to force and strength-driven paradigms to seek out ways to improve general strength qualities and rate of force development without a deeper understanding of the various moving parts. Not that any of this is wrong, but I now have a lens that enables me to view the body as a system that has structures that all influence one another simultaneously. It is not only about the physical capabilities, but also the timing of movements that play a massive role in human performance."

Ryan Connor | Speed and Performance Coach | Bucks County, Pa
Ryan Connor | Speed and Performance Coach | Bucks County, Pa

"Working with Adarian has been enlightening, and something I appreciate so much in my coaching life and development. Learning about athleticism and timing and coordination in his terms opens your eyes to a much broader scope of movement. Since attending Rewire last year, I have been equipped with a better coaching lens to help more athletes enhance their speed and provide even better results than what traditional speed mechanics have been providing alone in most cases."

Courtney Ellis | Teacher, Head T & F Coach | ST. Louis, MO
Courtney Ellis | Teacher, Head T & F Coach | ST. Louis, MO

“I am a coach and former athlete and coach Adarian Barr has transformed my life. His style of training and coaching centers around natural movement. This method has really helped me focus more on specific movement of the body and how we function in certain situations while our body is in motion. It has also helped me become a better coach to my athletes, because now I can speed up the process of getting them to perform at an optimal level faster. His teaching has also benefited my athletes in keeping them injury free while putting less emphasis put on injury prevention! Biggest thing Coach Barr has done for me is given me the confidence to coach and train outside the norm. I see movement differently now.”

Chantiel | Athlete | California
Chantiel | Athlete | California

"I have trained under Coach Barr since 2010, and under his tutelage I have been able to tap into my full potential. Due in part to Coach Barr’s vast knowledge of how the body works and no wasted movements in our sport, I have been able to compete and succeed at the collegiate level. His attention to detail is second to none, and has enabled not only myself but others to perform to the best of their ability. Coach Barr is the type of coach that every athlete needs."

Kevin Staniszewski | Athlete | San Francisco, California
Kevin Staniszewski | Athlete | San Francisco, California

"Adarian gets you results. And all you need is one session to see the light. When I first met Adarian, I was an average hurdler and sprinter (at best). One summer later, Adarian transformed me into a division 1 caliber athlete.


I later went on to become the men's track and field captain at my college (Cal Poly SLO). And I could not have continued this progression without Adarian. One of my favorite things about Adarian is that he owns everything he teaches. Let me tell you, having a 45 year old man smoke you on the track is a humbling experience.


But it just goes to show he has mastered the art of movement. Are you looking to jump higher? Run faster? Throw farther? I know someone that can help."

Jeremiah Flood | Director of Performance| Pasadena, Ca
Jeremiah Flood | Director of Performance| Pasadena, Ca

"Coach Barr has been very instrumental in my evolution as a coach.  His style and thought process teaches you to understand the body as whole and look at not just force production but timing that is responsible for force."

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