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A Controversial Topic

By kendrique coats | July 6, 2017

Many of us have been ruined and many have been fooled to believe the things we see are good.  Example:  The number of women who post selfies speaking about how wonderful their lives are.  The guy that posts an infinite amount of mirror selfies at the gym to show everyone his six pack or how…

Chasing Pain Is Not Progress

By kendrique coats | July 6, 2017

Get your butt moving!  That’s too slow you’re not moving fast enough!!  You need more weight, if it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t count!!!  Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah, we get it!  “No Pain, No Gain,” right?   WRONG!   The fitness industry has shifted in such a way that is sometimes sickening.  We are in a…

In the right spot

By kendrique coats | July 6, 2017

Working out with the Pontiac 8th grade basketball team. I always make it an effort to educate the guys and give them real life examples on the WHY on the things we do. If young athletes don’t see the WHY, it just becomes boring work. Just remember, ” Any fool can make another fool tired.”…