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Chasing Pain Is Not Progress

Jul 6, 2017 | 0 Comments

Get your butt moving!  That’s too slow you’re not moving fast enough!!  You need more weight, if it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t count!!!  Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah, we get it!  “No Pain, No Gain,” right?   WRONG!   The fitness industry has shifted in such a way that is sometimes sickening.  We are in a continued era of making working out so intense that if people aren’t sweating their butts off or aren’t on the verge of puking then it is not considered “ WORKING OUT/ TRAINING.”   I guess I missed the memo where EVERY individual that steps foot in a gym wants to be trained to annihilation and I think that method is the farthest thing from quality since MC hammer and his shiny pants.  No? Okay, well too bad because those pants turned me into a believer…. A believer that I will never be able to pull some slick moves like that dude! So moving on to the topic at hand, I have worked out at a handful of gyms over the years, where trying to find weights or space was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  I mean, who even likes getting bro pumps in before a Justin Bieber concert?  I tell you, it was the most annoying thing trying to find weights, but it was a good annoying.  A bunch of people in a building getting their fitness on. What could be better, besides the guy who we all have met that seems to be the “pro” at lifting and gives advice to everyone and their mom and then proceeds to load a bar with 1,000 5 pound plates to give off the elusion that he is lifting much more than what he really is.  Now, kudos to him for at least showing...

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In the right spot

Jul 6, 2017 | 0 Comments

Working out with the Pontiac 8th grade basketball team. I always make it an effort to educate the guys and give them real life examples on the WHY on the things we do. If young athletes don’t see the WHY, it just becomes boring work. Just remember, ” Any fool can make another fool tired.” Aka- work them hard and not have an explanation for the reason behind why one is doing the work. Yes, it does take extra time to go the extra mile to educate, but that’s where I put my emphasis at. People mention how important it is to be authentic to the people you work with, so you either have it or you don’t have it, but it will be apparent to the trainee. This is my life and to spend an extra 20 minutes trying to get a general fitness or athlete understand what is going on is what I live for!   Be sure to follow us on social media:   Facebook: @Coats Performance Instagram: @Coats Performance Twitter: @Coats Performance   Thank you for your support!

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Many young athletes struggle with finding optimal ways to improve their speed and agility. With Coats Performance, we take an individualized and practical approach when helping young athletes develop their speed and agility skills. Through training, athletes not only elevate their athleticism but also establish a high level of confidence necessary for attacking their goals and competing against quality competition.


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