Basketball Speed and Agility Training

What We Offer


-Speed training 


-Body Control

**We DO Not Offer**

-Skills development:

Ball handling, Dribbling, shooting, passing.

Why sports performance training for Basketball Athletes?

Youth athletes dream of having the explosive speed like Russell Westbrook, the quickness of James Harden when he attacks the rim, or the pure speed LeBron James often shows when he makes his way down the court for a block, but there's a problem.  Many youth athletes don't know where to start when developing their speed.


Coats Performance is here to help your youth athlete develop the sports performance speed they need to play at a competitive level and decrease the chance of injuries through the process.  We understand and have studied many of the movements youth athletes need in order to be a standout athlete, but also understand the growing injuries many youth athletes suffer from.


Many coaches are beginning to see the importance speed can play in their team's sports performance.  Whether you play the guard position or you are a rim protector, basketball is more than scoring and shooting.


This approach is why we have placed an importance on how we develop speed when basketball athletes work with us.  Think back to when you watched a basketball game, and there was one player on defense that was often out of position or wasn't able to react fast enough to stop an opposing player.  Do you remember what happened?  The coach may have yelled at the athlete, or worse, placed the athlete on the bench for the mistake.  The last thing a parent wants is their young athlete benched because of their speed.


In the Frisco, Plano, Southlake, or Dallas areas? Contact Coats Performance today to learn how we can assist your youth athlete with their speed and sports performance, so they aren't placed on the bench because of their lack of speed.