Baseball & Softball Speed and Agility Training

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The importance of Sprint Training in Baseball / Softball

When it comes to sports performance speed training for baseball, it's no secret that it can be an advantage.  From base stealing, chasing down a fly ball, or reacting to a line drive, speed is a significant part of the game.  Billie Hamilton of the Cincinnati Reds is an example of speed.  Year after year, he has shown how the value of speed for baseball can be a significant advantage.

Speed training is not a one size fits all movement, which is why with the Coats Performance sports performance speed training plans, we make sure your young athlete is individually coached even in a large group.

Additionally, think about this.  Can you remember a time going to a youth sports game and being frustrated that a member on your son or daughter's team wasn't able to react fast enough to ground balls?  Have you ever been disappointed with your own child's speed, but didn't know where to start?  If you have experienced this, contact Coats Performance to learn about how we can assist your youth athlete with not only sports performance speed training, but also the confidence he or she needs to compete on a middle school, high school, or elite travel team.  No parent wants their young athlete frustrated with not being able to compete with the best athletes.

In the Pontiac, Bloomington, Champaign-Urban areas?  Contact Coats Performance to get your young athlete the sports performance training necessary to compete at a high level.

Training Overview

Baseball Speed Training


We work on forming your athlete's core speed mechanics to provide a platform for progressional improvement.

Agility Training

We work on forming your athlete's core speed mechanics to provide a platform for individual improvement.

Baseball Speed Training

We work on optimizing your athlete's base rounding and base stealing.

Endurance Training

We work on optimizing your athlete's endurance for increased levels of performance.

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