Who We Are

We started Coats Performance in 2015 with a different vision on personal and sports training than most.  With the goal of impacting our members, we have taken an approach that doesn't glorify the athlete, but rather, the person.  As sports performance training continues in popularity with young athletes we have found that if we put more value in understanding the person and how that individual works, it adds an element of trust that helps with reaching specific goals each of our members have. With Coats Performance, it's more than sports performance.  It's about changing lives of our youth athletes and giving them a platform and environment to thrive in while keeping a comfortable atmosphere that allows youth athletes to show their true personalities.


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Kendrique Coats, Owner

Growing up in Central Illinois, Kendrique always had a vision of chasing his dreams.  After graduating from Ashford University with a degree in Health and Wellness, Kendrique decided to travel the world to gain more experiences.  It was through traveling that he found his true calling: being a difference maker in peoples' lives.  As a former high school and college athlete, Kendrique has always found human performance and the psychology of athletes fascinating, which has pushed him into founding Coats Performance.

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