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**New Athletes Only


At this phase, we study your athlete's current strengths and abilities to find their individual path to success.


At this phase, we will focus on improving weak points to build a solid foundation for further improvement.


At this phase, we work on improving times by making minor tweaks and adjustments to give your athlete the advantage.

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Many young athletes struggle finding healthy and beneficial ways to improve their speed and agility. With Coats Performance, we take an individualized and practical approach when helping young athletes develop their speed and agility skills. Through training, athletes not only elevate their athleticism, but also develop a high level of confidence necessary for attacking their goals and competing against quality competition.

What our customers are saying...

speed and agility training in Frisco texas
Jack Frankel
Baseball Athlete
Prestwood Christian Academ
y (Texas)

"Jack started with a 6.31 60 yard dash to finishing with a 5.81 60 yard dash after training with Coats Performance."
**Automatic Timing*

speed and agility training in Frisco texas
Gary Brunner
Athletic Director
Pontiac Township High School (Illinois)

"Our athletic program improved greatly from the speed and agility training programs offered by Coats Performance."

speed and agility training in Plano texas
Mohamed Elgouhari
Track Athlete
Murphy Middle School (Texas) 

"I learned things I'd never known before and could see instant improvement! Kendrique kept it fun and I always looked forward to it."

"Speed and agility training is essential for all sports and athletes." -Coats Performance

Coats Performance

Blake B.

Accomplishments:  Before training Blake's personal best in long jump was 11' 2 3/4".  Since training, Blake recently qualified for the Junior Olympics with a jump of 13' 8.5"!

From: The Colony, Texas

Sport: Track & Field, Basketball

Training: Blake started training in February of 2018

Shout Out: Blake has put in a lot of hard work to reach some of his goals.  Every session he comes prepared to learn, which has been a major reason for his success.  Great job, Blake!  -Coats Performance

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