Specialized Speed & Agility Training

**New athletes only and applies to individual sessions.


At this phase, we study your athlete's current speed strengths, sprinting mechanics, and agility skills to find their individual path to becoming a better and faster athlete.


At this phase, we will focus on improving running mechanics and movements to build a solid speed performance foundation for further athletic improvement.


At this phase, we work on improving athleticism by making minor tweaks and adjustments to give your athlete the speed advantage to be a standout performer.

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Many youth athletes in the North Dallas area train with the desire of becoming a standout athlete on their elite or school teams but often fall short of those performance training goals. Many youth athletes spend minimal time on improving their speed and agility skills for sports performance in addition to getting proper personal training education when trying to improve their sports performance. Sprinting is a fundamental movement that all youth athletes should learn if they want to increase their true athletic performance potential.


Are you frustrated with falling short of your sports performance speed goals, or not being able to compete with the speed skills of other young athletes? Do you think you have more potential to compete with the best athletes? Continually coaching with cookie-cutter speed and agility training programs that limit a youth athlete's growth? We feel your pain, and that’s why we want to help you become a standout athlete by improving your speed and sports performance.


With Coats Performance, we guide high school, middle school, and young athletes into becoming an efficiently faster and more balanced athlete. With our individualized personal training speed camps and programs, we work with all youth sports athletes in Frisco, Plano, Southlake, and Dallas Texas by increasing their speed performance and also help athletes improve their sports performance movements that are specific to their sport. We teach athletes the importance of different arm positions when sprinting, why focusing on only high knees may cause changes with overall sprinting speed performance, and different speed techniques when a youth athlete is accelerating during a sprint. These are all speed techniques that are important during sports performance as well as speed and agility training.


Whether you’re an athlete in Frisco, Plano, Southlake, or Dallas Texas area, a specialized personal training speed program to assist your sports performance is essential to becoming a standout athlete. An athlete working towards a division one (d1) scholarship must train for speed to compete with the best. Coats Performance will help young athletes become a faster and a more efficient athlete through our personalized speed and agility training programs for sports performance.

What our customers are saying...

speed and agility training in Frisco texas
Jack Frankel
Baseball Athlete
Prestwood Christian Academ
y (USA Prime Baseball)- Plano, Texas

"Jack started with a 6.31 40 yard dash to finishing with a 5.81 40 yard dash after working on his speed with Coats Performance."

speed and agility training in Frisco texas
Gary Brunner
Athletic Director
Pontiac Township High School (Illinois)

"Our athletic program improved greatly from the speed and agility training programs offered by Coats Performance."

speed training Frisco Texas
Merrisa Manzonelli
Soccer Athlete
Allen High School (Allen, Texas) 

"My daughter plays soccer and Kendrique has helped improve her running form and speed."

"Speed and agility training is essential for all sports and athletes." -Coats Performance

Coats Performance

Blake B.

Accomplishments:  Before training Blake's personal best in the long jump was 11' 2 3/4".  Since the training, Blake recently qualified for the Junior Olympics with a jump of 13' 8.5"!


From: The Colony, Texas


Sport: Track & Field, Basketball


Training: Blake started speed training in February of 2018


Shout-Out: Blake has put in a lot of hard work to reach some of his goals.  Every session he comes prepared to learn more about speed, which has been a major reason for his success.  Great job, Blake!  -Coats Performance

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**New Individual Athletes only**