Speed and agility are fundamental athletic movements needed to be a standout athlete.
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When it comes to athletic performance, many athletes commonly search for methods to increase their speed and agility. With Coats Performance, we know how important speed is for each athlete to compete and standout at the highest level. Our training programs do just that; enhances any athletes overall athleticism, speed, and gives them the confidence necessary to overcome their toughest obstacles.

What our customers are saying...

Jack Frankel | Baseball Athlete
Prestwood Christian Academ

"Jack went from a 6.31 40 yard dash before training with Coats Performance. After training with Coats Performance his 40 yard dash time improved to 5.81 in two and a half months."

Gary B.
Gary Brunner | Pontiac Twp. High School Athletic Director

"Our athletic program improved greatly from the speed training as well as the strength and conditioning programs offered by Coats Performance."

Tristina Einhaus
Tristina Einhaus | Track Athlete
Pontiac Township High School

"Our daughter qualified for state three consecutive years because of the speed training provided by Coats Performance. Our daughter is a better athlete, but more importantly, a better person because of Coats Performance."

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We are based in Frisco, Texas and also travel throughout the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex.

"Learning how to sprint is essential for all athletes." -Coats Performance

Jack F.

Accomplishment: Before Jack started training, his 40 yard dash time was 6.31 seconds.  He has made significant improvements with his sprinting mechanics and has dropped his 40 yard dash time to 5.81 seconds.

School: Prestwood Christian Academy 

Sports: Baseball and basketball

Training: Jack has trained with us for the past 3 months to prepare for his upcoming baseball season.

Shout Out: "Jack has made tremendous strides in his athletic development this off-season, which will give him a definite advantage. We are excited to see all of his hard work put into play this season!" -Coats Performance

Ford G.

Accomplishments:  Currently holds the 100m and 200m record for Frisco Independence High School

School: Frisco Independence High School

Sport: Track & Field

Training: Ford has trained with us for a couple of months.

Shout Out: "Ford came to us to improve his speed, sprinting mechanics, and to put himself in a position to earning an athletic scholarship.  Athletes that are good and want to be great, are the ones that truly separate themselves from the rest of the field." -Coats Performance

Coats Performance provides sprint training to many athletes throughout the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex.  Athletes come to Coats Performance to increase their speed, performance, and athletic potential.  Our athletes train smarter for their individual goals opposed to having a "one-size fits all" speed training program or approach.

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